Make your story come to life!

The difference between a bestseller and "just another book" is in how a tale is told. You may have a great story, but unless it's expressed in a way that captures the interest of a wide audience, it will go unnoticed. Opportunity lost. Your brilliant ideas need to be translated so they can resonate with readers of all stripes. This is where the abilities of a highly skilled and versatile writer come into play.

Samantha Marshall is an award-winning international journalist and New York Times bestselling author with years of professional experience. She has co-written several successful books on every subject from celebrity memoirs to business advice. She has penned articles, opinion pieces, speeches, promotional material, blogs and books on everything from beauty to banking. A multi-talented weaver of words, Samantha perfectly captures the voice of each author, giving shape, scope and vision to her clients’ unique message.

Samantha is a consummate professional and, above all, a collaborator. Seeing herself as a scribe, she sets aside ego and puts the wishes of her co-authors first, bringing out their best by listening well and crafting a product that's true to who they are. When you see your finished product, you will feel pride of ownership, because those words jumping off on the page will be telling your story. Your innermost thoughts will be expressed with an eloquence you never dreamed possible.